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When an American entrepreneur wanted to open a business in the UK, the British government offered a $2.2m bribe

A former businessman from the US, whose British business venture collapsed, is suing his British government for more than $2 million for alleged fraud and breach of contract.

Trevor Wallace, a former US Air Force fighter pilot, filed the lawsuit Thursday in the United Kingdom’s High Court in London.

Wallace was forced to close his American business after losing more than a billion dollars of investments.

In a statement, the American-based business venture company that he founded, Wings Of Liberty, said it was aware of the lawsuit.

Wings Of Life was one of the first American-led businesses to take advantage of the UK’s Brexit vote.

Wallaces lawsuit said he had lost more than £500,000 ($800,000) of business after failing to pay for the services of a London-based lawyer, a contract to create a website for the company and the services that a UK-based company provided for the business.

The company’s website is not available for sale in the US.

The lawsuit says Wallaces “unlawful and fraudulent” conduct “was a matter of fraud, deceit and deceitful conduct and constituted a breach of his contract and his duties as an American citizen and a British citizen.”

It also accuses Wings Of Light of “unconstitutional and unfair” conduct.

Wallacys lawyers say they will be asking the court to issue a preliminary injunction and seek unspecified damages.

The suit is the latest legal action against the government in the aftermath of Brexit.

Wallachs lawyers say the UK government’s actions amount to unlawful interference with his right to pursue his business.

They say he should have been told that his business was on the line and not just another American business venture.

Walla Wallace told CNNMoney that he’s still hoping to reopen Wings Of America and that he is optimistic the government will ultimately accept his case.

“I’ve been waiting for the UK to come to the table,” he said.

“The whole thing has been a sham, and I’ve been frustrated with it.”

Wallace said he’s not happy with the way the government has handled the case.

The government has not yet responded to a request for comment.