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How to run a small business in Australia

Business owners who have been working on a small-business venture for some time, or have been looking to expand their business, are now able to apply to have a franchise applied to them.

The new franchise application process is available on the Australian Franchise and Trade Office website.

The franchise application can be done in person at the Franchise Office or online using the Franchise Application Service.

If you are interested in applying to be a franchisee, contact the Franchise office on 1800 224 222 or email [email protected]

A franchise application is not compulsory, but businesses will not be required to apply unless they are not a franchise.

If a business owner wants to be considered for a franchise, they need to be:  A member of a small group of owners, known as the “small group” or the “business community” The business owner has a minimum gross revenue of $5 million or less and no more than $10 million of profits or income in the 12 months preceding the application The business needs to have been operating for at least five years and have a turnover of less than $1 million within that periodThe business is a small, independent business and is not a company that is registered with ASIC and is registered in a Territory or StateThe business must have been established within 12 months of the application being submittedThe business needs an established supply chain that is in good standing with the Australian Government and will deliver goods and services to a retail customer, which includes the supply of goods and service to a consumerThe business has no employees and is owned by the business owner, not the employee, who owns the businessThe business will be located in a small community, including the business’s own premisesThe business owner and business community are considered to be in a minority, if the applicant is in a group of more than one-fifth of the owners, and the applicant has been in business for more than three yearsThe applicant must provide a copy of the business’ current and most recent annual return, which must include the name of the applicant and a brief description of the businesses activities and business activities in AustraliaThe business applicant must pay GST on their annual income and have the financial resources to meet their business expensesThe applicant will not have to pay GST to the Australian Taxation Office on the income received from the business as long as they are self-employed, are self employed and have sufficient assets to cover their operating costs.

If the applicant does not meet these requirements, they will not receive a franchise application.

The business can apply to be given a new franchise if they are the only owner in the small group and they meet the requirements above.

The application process can take up to three weeks, and is for business owners and small businesses in Australia.

The Australian Franchise Application and Trade Service is an independent service available to business owners, small businesses and individuals in all 50 states and territories.

For more information about the application process and eligibility requirements, visit the Franchise application website.