Shark Tank Startup: The Latest and Best News

Jul 14, 2021 Europe

Founder of Shark Tank and one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the past 10 years, James Altucher has announced that he is leaving the show to start his own startup, Shark Tank: Venture Capital for Entrepreneurs.

Altuchers new venture will be a way to raise capital for entrepreneurs with no prior experience, but it’s already receiving a lot of attention.

Altucchers announcement was made on Twitter.

“I want to create the best possible company for the most amazing people who are trying to do what they love,” he wrote.

Altough it’s hard to tell what exactly he will be focusing on, he’s already made some pretty big headlines, like the one he announced to launch a clothing line called “Cupcakes” and a new video game called “Shark Tank: Games.”

In addition to his own venture, he also founded the “Sharks World” podcast, where he discusses the latest technology, business news and other topics.

Altuff says he’s also looking to invest in other companies, but declined to comment on whether or not he’s looking to start a company.

It’s been a busy year for the entrepreneur, with numerous major media outlets reporting on the growth of his new venture, including Forbes and Business Insider.

In addition, he announced his intention to raise money for his new startup in April, saying that the company will start accepting donations in a couple of weeks.

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