Which Irish entrepreneurs are making the biggest impact on the economy?

Sep 28, 2021 Africa

In January, the Irish Times was invited to travel to the country to find out which of the country’s 100 most successful entrepreneurs is making the most of their unique talent.

The following list contains just a selection of the 100 most innovative entrepreneurs who have helped change the lives of the Irish economy.

As a country with a long history of entrepreneurship, the success of these entrepreneurs will be remembered for generations to come.

In January, we welcomed our 100 most ambitious entrepreneurs to Ireland for an evening of conversation, networking and networking opportunities.

We were privileged to welcome 10 of the most innovative and dynamic entrepreneurs who are transforming the way Ireland works and is seen around the world.

These are the stories of some of Ireland’s most important and visionary entrepreneurs.

For more information on the 100 Most Innovative Irish Entrepreneurs visit our website at www.innisfeeling.ie

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