Forbes is to launch a new blog dedicated to Black Women Entrepreneurs

Sep 26, 2021 Australia

In January, Forbes Magazine was launched as an outlet for writers who were passionate about women in tech.

The site has since grown to become one of the most respected women’s media brands in the world, attracting the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Arianna Huffington.

Now, the magazine is going to launch another blog, Black Women, that aims to “provide an alternative voice for the voices and stories of African-American women who have emerged from the technology industry”.

The inaugural post, entitled “Black Women Entrepreneur”, will launch this week, and will feature “a diverse and engaging list of female entrepreneurs from the tech industry, as well as some from outside the industry”.

There will be a section dedicated to African-Americans in tech, which includes “black women founders who have worked in tech and who have become entrepreneurs, as part of the Black Women Network”.

It will also include “black entrepreneurs who have made headlines in the tech space”, including “a young black woman, Misha Collins, who launched a start-up called Womans Tech”, and “the founder of a popular social network called Black Women” and “an independent woman who founded her own online dating platform.”

The blog will also feature a section on “African-American female entrepreneurs who were entrepreneurs”.

“As a result of our partnership with The Atlantic, we will be featuring a diverse and active list of Black Women entrepreneurs who will be featured on our site,” the post reads.

“We will also be launching a new African-Women blog dedicated exclusively to Black women entrepreneurs.”

The site, which is already a major presence on the Forbes site, has a dedicated section on women in technology, which features “black female engineers, women in the IT industry, women entrepreneurs and more”.

The post also features interviews with a number of female tech leaders, including Arianna and Michelle Obama, and the list of African American female tech influencers.

The Black Women blog will feature an article from one of these women, as will the Forbes Entrepreneur magazine, which will feature stories from “black businesswomen, women CEOs, and entrepreneurs”.

Black Women will also provide a forum for women entrepreneurs to discuss their personal stories and experiences, and discuss their ambitions and the ways in which they believe they have made a difference in the industry.

“There is no better place to share your own story and your entrepreneurial story than the Black women blog,” Forbes editor-in-chief and founder Susan Blackman said in a statement.

“When we hear from women in business, it’s because they’ve experienced or witnessed the same struggles as you or me.

We want to hear your stories.

We have worked hard to build this blog and hope that it will be an important platform for them.”

Forbes also plans to have a section devoted to African American women in STEM, which covers everything from STEM careers to the intersection of science and technology.

Black Women and Entrepreneurs will also share tips on how to get started in tech from the African American entrepreneurs on the list, including advice on how not to get “tired” while also looking “cool”.

The launch of BlackWomen will coincide with the launch of the first issue of Forbes Entrepreneurs, which has been a key element of the magazine’s growth since its launch in 2013.

The issue will also see a “brand refresh”, with a new theme and logo.

Forbes is not the first company to launch an African-Black venture capital hub, but the launch will be seen as a significant move in the magazine, as it will include a diversity of perspectives, with Black women and African-Caribbean people on the founding team.

“As the industry continues to evolve, so does the scope of opportunities for African-Hispanic women to participate and grow, and this will be the first opportunity to share the stories of Black women who are succeeding in tech with the world,” said Blackman.

“It is important for Forbes to be inclusive, because we are at a pivotal point in our history where we need to change the industry and the way we talk about it.”

The launch will also mark a shift for the magazine from its “Women in Tech” series, which had focused primarily on the role women played in technology.

“This is not about excluding or excluding any minority,” Blackman told Digital Trends.

“What we’re really talking about is this: Are we all equal?

And, in a world where technology is evolving in so many ways, how are we all equally represented?

And how are women and black people represented in this space?

I think we can all agree that is a huge question.”

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