Why did we forget to use the new Adidas logo?

Aug 29, 2021 Asia

The new Adidas football shirt, which was unveiled today, features the logo from the famous brand, but with a new twist. 

The new Adidas Football shirt features the Adidas logo with a white stripe on top, instead of a black stripe. 

This makes it appear more like a normal Adidas shirt, and it’s a nice touch, but we still need to see the Adidas logos at full size on the front of the shirt. 

As for the other two logos that have appeared on the shirts, we don’t think they’re really needed either. 

On the back of the Adidas shirt are the words “Aerobics Academy” and “Aero Academy” which would be an accurate representation of the two schools. 

And it is worth noting that the Adidas football kit is still only available in Japan, with only 3,000 of them being produced.

By admin